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Are you seeking a closer relationship with a pro-audio loudspeaker brand?

A brand that understands and values your business?

One that will treat you as a partner and maintain its values even in challenging times?


If so, maybe it's time to join the #MartinAudioFamily


Both long-term customers that have shown enduring loyalty to Martin Audio alongside new customers in search of being treated in a fairer way, will often refer to the essence of #MartinAudioFamily as being the rationale.

In addition to the company’s fifty year heritage and a burgeoning portfolio that can cater for everything from the small bar install to premier events, tours and festivals, a more personal relationship with Martin Audio is still a factor many find a welcome change to the norm.

As trends of globalisation intensify with customers and markets becoming more consolidated there is increasing risk for brands to lose sight of an integral partnership spirit that has been a foundation of the pro audio industry.

Dom Harter, managing director, comments, “We hear time and time again that our customers value the connection they have to Martin Audio, the personal interaction they have with each of our departments, and the sense that this is a partnership approach. We are proud that Martin Audio is not the biggest of companies allowing for the organisation to maintain more personal contact and that we work proactively with our customers to support their business. For us, we have to earn the right to trade, day in, day out, and so we would encourage any rental or installation company that maybe suffering anxiety around a globalisation trend and want an alternative approach to get in touch.”


What our customers say

“Everyone we have had contact with at Martin Audio has been a pleasure to do business with. They seem genuinely interested in our situation and eager to help and I feel we can develop real one on one relationships. We could not be happier with Martin Audio as a business partner.”
Steve Payne
Owner, Soundworks of Virginia, USA

“Martin Audio has focused on the customer by increasing research and development and swift movement to market with new innovations. In all, Martin Audio has taken heroic actions to position the brand as a customer responsive world class audio manufacturer.”
Cooper Cannady
Owner, RMB Audio, USA

“The development of Martin Audio in the last year and more has been awesome. We are getting so many fantastic new products, filling up the portfolio of Martin Audio to be a real problem solver for all audio applications you can imagine.”
Tobias Franzgrote-vom Brocke
Brand Manager, Audio-Technica Deutschland GmbH

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