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Indoor & Outdoor Commercial Audio Systems

Commercial audio sound systems refer to any professional speaker system permanently installed into a venue and can include anything from bar and restaurant sound systems through to large scale outdoor stadia installations.

To cater for the breadth of applications, Martin Audio offers a full suite of award winning pro audio loudspeakers including ceiling speakers, point source on-wall loudspeakers, line array systems, subwoofers, as well as a range of amplifiers, processors and controllers.

All Installed Sound Products:
MLA Systems. Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Arrays | Martin Audio
MLA Systems

MLA Systems

Delivering unsurpassed sound coverage consistency across the audience with unprecedented control for challenging reverberant venues.

Wavefront Precision. Passive Optimised Line Array Speakers | Martin Audio
Wavefront Precision Series

Wavefront Precision

Featuring scalable resolution for adaptable coverage, consistency and control for greater flexibility in managing install project budgets.

O-Line. Passive Optimised Micro Line Array | Martin Audio
O-Line. Passive Optimised Micro Line Array.


Featuring Scalable Resolution, O-Line™ delivers consistent audio coverage with unprecedented accuracy in a wide variety of architectural environments.

TORUS. Constant Curvature Array | Martin Audio
TORUS Series


Constant curvature array loudspeakers combining optimised coverage, SPL profile and cost efficiency for short to medium throws.

CDD-Live! Series Group Shot. Active Point Source Loudspeakers & Subs
CDD-Live! Series. Active Point Source Loudspeakers & Subs.


Dante networking combines with Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology for ease of networking and ultimate fidelity within install applications.

BlacklineX Powered Series | Self-powered Loudspeakers & Subs
BlacklineX Series

BlacklineX Powered

Signature sound for install applications in a very affordable and easy to deploy package.

FlexPoint Series | Premium, Passive Point Source Loudspeakers | Martin Audio
FlexPoint Series


The perfect solution for deployment at premium live events and performance installations.

TH Series. Passive Point Source Loudspeakers | Martin Audio
TH Series. Passive Point Source Loudspeakers.

TH Series

High power performance loudspeakers, ideally suited for thumping club performance and medium-large scale installations.

CDD Series. Passive Indoor and Outdoor Loudspeakers & Subs | Martin Audio
CDD Series

CDD Series

Engineering innovation to installed sound — unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology to deliver class-leading performance, fidelity and coverage consistency.

BlacklineX Series. Passive Point Source Loudspeakers & Subs | Martin Audio
BlacklineX Series. Passive Point Source Loudspeakers & Subs


Signature sound for install applications in a very affordable and easy to deploy package.

ADORN. On Wall and Ceiling Loudspeakers


ADORN on wall and ceiling loudspeakers bring class-leading performance, reliability and value to a wide range of commercial sound installations— from retail outlets, bars and restaurants to corporate offices.

Ceiling Series | Ceiling Speakers | Martin Audio
Ceiling Series

Ceiling Series

Providing smooth articulate sound with high intelligibility this range of products proves that sonic performance need not be sacrificed to meet the requirements of a life safety system.

CDD-WR Series | Weatherised Outdoor Loudspeakers & Subs | Martin Audio
CDD-WR Series

CDD-WR Series

Weather resistant versions of our bestselling CDD Range offer protection outdoors and excellent coverage and consistency.

SX Series | Martin Audio
SX Series

SX Series

A full complement of passive and self-powered subwoofers to support installation applications.

XE Series. High Performance Stage Monitors | Martin Audio
XE Series Stage Monitors

XE Series

Featuring very high SPL Coaxial Differential Dispersion horns for greater pattern control, ideal for venues that want to offer their artists a premier solution.

LE Series | Compact, Two-way Stage Monitors
LE Series Stage Monitors

LE Series

Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology for performance and controlled coverage at affordable price, ideal for venues that host upcoming bands or corporate events.

Amplifiers and Controllers. Electronics | Martin Audio
Amplifiers and Controllers

Amplifiers and Controllers

Top quality amplification and control are provided by iKON and VIA power amplifiers with Dante™ and DX Controllers.

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